Our sticker (vinyl) printing service offers a variety of different types of vinyl, such as:

  • Domed/Gel Stickers,
  • Contra Vision (one-way vision vinyl),
  • Sandblast vinyl,
  • Car Stickers,
  • Vehicle magnetic stickers
  • Fridge magnetic stickers
  • Bumper stickers & license disk stickers
  • Pre pigmented vinyl cut out stickers
  • Brushed gold, silver & metallic

Vinyl stickers can stick to a variety of surfaces such as paint, steel, aluminium and most plastics. The vinyl is made from a weather-resistant material, giving it the ability to be used indoors or outdoors.

At Redblock we use three types of self-adhesive vinyl: Monomeric, Polymeric and Cast vinyl. Monomeric and Polymeric vinyl are used for labels and decals as they can easily be applied to flat or slightly curved surfaces. Polymeric vinyl is used depending on your requirements and budget as it has a longer life-span but is more expensive than Monomeric vinyl. Cast vinyl is our premium vinyl and is used for corrugated and uneven surfaces on vehicles, like deep grooves & notches on the body of the vehicle.


Say it better with branding that sticks! Sticker labels is a convenient way to help you add your branding onto your product packaging, product pricing, business assets, promotional products or freebies at events such as on water bottles, pens, etc.

Sticker labels assist in creating awareness for your business by having clients/potential clients stick your brand anywhere on your behalf. Distributing promotional stickers before an event or promotion will help you to generate excitement and awareness from potential clients.


Bumper stickers are a low-cost but effective marketing tool to showcase your business, event or promotions to a wider audience. They are also great to use when promoting your cause or for creating awareness such as with “Think Bike”, “Baby on board” campaigns, product or company logos and slogans.

We print our bumper stickers on a weather resistant vinyl to increase the lifetime of the sticker, outdoors or indoors.

Although there isn’t an acceptable standard size for bumper stickers a practical size is about 120mm x 60mm.


License Disc Stickers are an outstanding and affordable promotional gift. These are digitally printed in full colour on a vinyl that will last in all weather conditions. License disk stickers comes standard in 90mm diameter and is about 5mm larger that the standard license disk. We can offer to print these stickers on the glue-side in which case the printing will be legible from the outside of the window. This option is usually double the price of the standard license disk stickers.


Domed stickers are known as 3D stickers, relatively small normal stickers, but with a resin coated finish to give it a bubble effect. The effect of the sticker usually helps a product or brand to stand out more. They are especially used on durable goods such as promotional items that are flat or slightly curved. Creating domed stickers is a specialised process and we are proud to say that it is one of our specialties.

We use specialised semi-automatic industrial machinery with a drying oven that gives us the added advantage of being able to do larger quantities than in the case with a manual process. The maximum size for printing domed stickers is approximately 80 x 80mm depending on the shape of the sticker.


Magnetic stickers can easily be removed and reused on metal surfaces without damaging the surface or the sticker. Here we only describe the two popular magnetic sticker options, but we can easily adjust our magnetic sticker printing to suit your needs.

Our magnetic stickers are printed digitally and therefore the number of colours used in your design will not have an influence on the price of your printing.

On lower quantities of stickers – less than 50 of 300mm x 400mm – we usually stick monomeric vinyl to the magnetic sheet and laminate it with transparent vinyl. With larger quantities we print digitally directly onto the magnetic sheets with a UV printer. UV ink is colourfast and therefore does not need lamination.


Fridge magnets are printed on magnet sheets that are 0.6mm thick. The number of colours used only influences quantities larger than +/- 3000. We can supply you with any shape magnet you require. The cheapest and most affordable options are rectangular or square in shape. In cases where clients require custom shapes, we must especially prepare a die cut and this can be very costly. In these cases, a die cut can cost up to R 2000.00 and is not a viable option except if you are planning on printing large quantities.


Car magnets are applied to 0.8mm thick magnetic sheets and laminated with a clear vinyl and are unlikely to damage the surface of your vehicle.  We recommend that the magnets are removed before washing the car and only reapplied once the surface is completely dry.

We do not have standard sizes for vehicle magnets as they are all custom made. A practical and popular size is 305mm x 400mm. For an indication of what you will pay, you can send us an email and we will reply with the most commonly ordered sizes and prices. Alternatively, you can send us the size and number of magnets require, and we will reply with a quote.


Contra-vision is commonly used for shop front windows and car windows as it allows people to view the outside from the inside but blocks outside viewers from seeing inside and thus offers a degree of privacy.

The disadvantage of this vinyl is that UV protection cannot be provided by laminating the sticker for extra protection, but the perforation in the sticker causes the ink to filter through and as a result does not scratch as easily as normal smooth vinyl. When Contra-vision is applied to the rear window of a car, we recommend not using the back-windscreen wiper in order to protect the print from damaging.


Sandblasting vinyl is used in cases where more privacy is needed such as open-plan offices where staff are separated via glass dividers. It is a great alternative to traditional Sandblasting of the glass. It is relatively new technology and avoids a very messy and costly process with the same results as sandblasting itself. Sandblast vinyl can easily be removed if needed and will not change or damage the surface of the windows/doors.

We personally apply the vinyl at our client’s premises to ensure that the application is done correctly.


We use Monomeric vinyl for our bottle labels. When you request a quote please include the size of the label you require and NOT the size or volume of the bottle or container. Labels requirements differ from client to client, because it depends on what you would like to achieve by branding the bottles. If you are not sure about the size you require or the design that would best suit your needs, please feel free to contact any one of our branches for advice.

Unfortunately, we do not apply the stickers to the bottles.

For more information or a quote on anyone of our sticker printing services please contact one of our branches.



Email us with your order & please include the following

  • artwork that is in vector format ( made in a vector-based design program such as illustrator & coreldraw)
  • Size of stickers (we dont have standard sizes, digitally, we can cut ANY shape & size. We DO NOT keep templates for water bottles)
  • Quantity of stickers

We deliver nation-wide to the following cities & main centres from R60*  :
Stickers Pretoria, Stickers Cape Town, Stickers Soweto, Stickers Port Elizabeth, Stickers Pietermaritzburg, Stickers Benoni, Stickers Vereeniging, Stickers Bloemfontein, Stickers  Newcastle, Stickers East London, Stickers Welkom, Stickers Botshabelo, Stickers Kimberley, Stickers Witbank, Stickers Carltonville, Stickers Klerksdorp, Stickers Rustenburg, Stickers Potchefstroom, Stickers Nelspruit, Stickers George, Stickers King Williams Town, Stickers Nigel, Stickers Pietersburg


*Ts & Cs apply. Bigger orders attract higher courier fees. Outlying areas attract higher courier fees