Laser Engraving & Laser Cutting


We do laser engraving and laser cutting on a variety of materials, like leather, artificial leather, wood, plastic, Perspex, etc. Some surfaces are not suitable to engrave but we are more than willing to do a FREE test on your sample to determine whether it is possible or not. Our pricing on engraving is determined by the length of time it takes to engrave your design.

Our laser engraver does not only engrave standard lettering, shapes and numbers โ€“ it can also cut out any shape out of Perspex or Wood and other materials. This engraver is also used for etching rubber stamps and to produce name tags.


We can offer two types of marking on our laser materials – scoring or engraving
Scoring is a method we use where we use the outlines of your artwork (so no photos unfortunately) to lightly cut into the material, giving it an outlined look
Engraving is where we use the entire fill of your artwork to produce an image or filled artwork.

Scoring is much cheaper than engraving since we use less laser-time on the materials and therefore charge you a much better price.

Our Laser engraving & laser cutting equipment consists of:

130 Watt, Bed size 1.3 x 900mm
180 watt, Bed size 1.3 x 900mm
30 Watt, Bed size 600 x 300mm


With our assortment of laser engraving equipment, we are able to cut & engrave a large variety of materials, including but not limited to :
Foam board
MDF wood
Plexi glass

Depending on the size of your order, a setup fee may be applicable & the costing of the engraving or cutting is based on the time the engraver uses to complete the cutting or engraving The average rate for engraving is about R8.00 per minute with an average setup charge of R200.00 (once off). To engrave on a Memory stick or a Pen will cost approximately R6.00 per item with a turnaround time of 7 – 10 working days.

We have a minimum order amount of R500 excl VAT, any orders under R1000 excl VAT will have an additional minimum order setup fee of R180 excl VAT added.

We always require your artwork to be able to accurately quote on your engraving / laser cutting project.