Redblock Manufactures cut-out signs that is cut from steel with a thickness of up to 3mm and softer materials such as wood and perspex with a thickness of up to 10mm. Steel cut-out letters can be powder coated in any colour of your choice. Depending on the type of surface you will apply the sign to, we can supply pins to attach them to a rough surface or they can be screwed on individually. When fixed to a smooth surface such as a plastered wall or onto Chromadek in the case of 3d signs, we can attach industrial grade double-sided tape to the inside of the cut-out lettering or images.

The uniqueness of the cut-out steel signs is the fact that creates a rusted effect. The appearance of the rust effect improves after years, just like red wine.

In cases like this we specifically use steel that can rust, because not all metals are composed of iron.

Certain iron alloys rust and weather faster than others such as wrought iron and cast iron. To support and speed up this process, we use hydrochloric or muriatic acid that is mixed with copper that gives the desired effect within a day or 2, after which it is sealed.

For softer and smaller letters, such as thin wood and perspex, we use a laser cutter with a bed size of 2 400 x 1 200 mm and in the case of our CNC router cutter, this laser cutter can also graph.


We need your design/image in vector format (also known as editable line art images). If you are unable to provide it in this format, we can redesign it for you at an additional fee.


Depending on the number of cut-outs, an order takes anything between 7 to 10 working days to be cut and about an extra 2 working days if you require the installation of your cut-out lettering or images.


  • Prices of cut-out lettering will depend on the type of material we cut, as well as the thickness of the material involved. The minimum order amount for steel cut-out orders is R500 (Excl. VAT)
  • Unlike most of the products and services we offer, you can expect to wait up to one business day to receive your quote. Quotation requests for most of our other products and services can be expected within 3 hours.
  • The software we use to run the laser cutting job calculates the quote based on the time the cutter will be occupied and which material type it will be cutting.
  • In short, quotes are based on the cutter operating time and the cutting time between material and material type. Steel, for example, is powder coated and materials such as Perspex, Dibond and Rowmark are not.


We can also install your cut-out lettering or sign/s. The cost of this will depend on the following factors:

1) The height from ground level where the lettering will be installed.

2) Whether it is individual lettering โ€“ a Positive, or if it is one sheet where the letters have been cut out โ€“ a Negative.

3) The method of attachment that will be used, will it be fixed flat against a smooth flat surface or with pins or spacers.

4) The area where the installation will take place.

5) How fast you want it done. If you require it in less than 7 – 10 working days, we usually add a rush fee of about 30%, except in cases where it isnโ€™t necessary to pay additional overtime or rush to acquire your raw material because of our workload at that specific time.


Aluminium wall mounts are available in the following sizes:

  • 12 x 25mm
  • 12 x 35mm
  • 16 x 25mm
  • 16 x 40mm
  • 19 x 25mm
  • 19 x 40mm
  • 22 x 25mm
  • 32 x 30mm
  • 22 x 40mm
  • 32 x 40mm