In addition to outdoor signs and billboards, we can assist with the design and layout of all your shop sign needs, such as shelf talkers, data strips, wobblers, posters, info signs about the products in shopping aisles and much more. To receive a quote, we only need the size of the signs, with the total number of items you plan to order. The setup and installation of these indoor shop signs are usually very simple, but we can lend you support should you require this additional service.


Shelf strips, talkers and labels basically serve as an excellent โ€œsilent salesmanโ€. They are small signs that are placed on shelves in supermarkets, trade shops, markets and more, which relays product information and pricing.

We can manufacture any form of shelf signs, shelf labels or shelf talkers according to your requirements. To manufacture these signs we use materials such as cardboard, ABS plastic, foam board, Correx board and Perspex to print on.

There are an infinite amount of different shapes and type of shelf talkers for advertising your products on the shelves and in-store. Our agents can only provide you with guidelines in this regard.  If you require a price, please sent us a description of the idea you have in mind, the approximate size, and how many items you plan to order along with any other information. With this info we can give you a good indication of the costs involved.


We can also provide self-adhesive data strips that stick to the shelves or onto your product directly, with your printed product information on paper or cardboard and inserted. This is ideal when your product information changes frequently. Another great advantage of these data strips is the fact that you can print your product information and replace it yourself.


A โ€˜wobblerโ€™ can have many meanings and can include a variety of products. The word wobbler is more of a slang term for this advertising gimmick.

Informally a wobbler can be described as an advertising message that is printed onto a firm but flexible material such as thin ABS, PVC or Cardboard. The one end is attached to a stable surface and the other end (usually a circular shape) will wobble and move continuously because of the natural tension and thus draw the attention of any passer-by. These wobblers are commonly used in shopping aisles.