Our vehicle wrapping services cover both custom wraps for private individuals and corporate branding for businesses. We offer full vehicle wraps, half wraps and partial branding on vehicles. Vehicle branding fitment and application takes place at our factory in Silverton, Pretoria. If you prefer that the branding of your vehicle is done at your premises, we will quote an additional fee.  Please note this will result in a relatively high call-out fee, reason being that we need to make various trips if errors occur and we must reprint or re-cut the vinyl (which is often the case).

We provide our clients with an outstanding experience as our quality vehicle wrapping is done completely in-house by our specialised team, taking our clients from the designing process through to the completion of fitment and application onto the vehicle.


Car branding for your vehicle can improve the appearance of your vehicle or make you stand out from the crowd. Vehicle wrapping will not damage your carโ€™s paint work and can be safely removed if needed, except in cases where the wrong type of vinyl (monomeric) was used in which case we can still assist you.

We offer vehicle wrapping (car branding) in a regulated environment which is dust free, under a roof and with sufficient lighting (all factors extremely necessary for a quality wrap) with the added advantage that we are able to wrap vehicles after hours, and in extreme cases, on weekends to ensure deadlines are met.

The term vehicle wrap refers to a wrap that changes the colour of your vehicle, such as white to matt black โ€“ we use a pre pigmented vinyl, which has no printing involved, to change the colour appearance of your car.

Car branding refers to the practice of applying custom-designed vinyl graphics, decals, or wraps to a vehicle’s exterior surface. This branding technique transforms the vehicle into a mobile advertisement, promoting a company, product, service, or message.

Car branding can range from simple logos and contact details to full-body wraps that cover the entire vehicle with intricate designs and imagery. It’s an effective marketing strategy, as branded vehicles can capture attention and increase brand visibility wherever they travel.

We are able to do a full wrap, half wrap or only certain components of your vehicle such as the roof.

Vehicle wrapping is not to be confused with vehicle branding, where usually corporate logos and decals are used to show off a brand, service or product. We can assist you with a design if needed.

This pre-pigmented vinyl is available in a wide range of colours, ranging from standard gloss colours, to specialized matt colours or even chrome or rainbow effects.

This vinyl will also protect your vehicle from scratches from everyday wear and tear, however we suggest doing a clear anti-chip vinyl if your main goal is to protect your vehicle rather than changing the colour and if required, only specific panels with high wear and tear rather than the entire vehicle.

Please bear in mind that wrapping a vehicle differs to spray painting in the sense that we can only cover the visible parts when doors, bonnets and roof are closed parts and not every square mm as in the case of spray painting. The interior of the doors, trunk, bonnet etc. will remain the vehicleโ€™s original colour. If colour sensitive, visit our offices for a colour chart or see the online chart for an indication.

The cheapest option for a full wrap with a pre pigmented wrap, is gloss or matt black, white or clear vinyl โ€“ some vinyl types such as metallic or chrome may cost up to four times more than basic colours.

Why I should Wrap |

  • It protects the paint on your vehicle โ€“ of course, this will ensure the value of your vehicle will reduce at a lower rate.
  • If you remove the vinyl after a few years, the original paint will still look perfect (granted it was perfect before us wrapping it).
  • It is the cheapest way of changing the body colour.
  • Special effects are available that even the most professional spray painter cannot achieve.

Why I should not Wrap |

  • Different than in the case of a spray painting job, vehicle vinyl wraps are applied by hand, no machinery is involved, the wrap will have to be done in sections, and thus joining lines will be visible, but neatly and professionally.
  • In the case of rear view / side mirrors, 2 โ€“ 3 pieces will be used, and thus 1 โ€“ 2 joining lines will be visible.
  • When wrapping a vehicle, we only wrap parts visible from the outside, and not inside such as the door edges on inside, bonnet inside or boot.
  • Vehicles that have been wrapped for a very long time might require a lot of work to remove and thus cost a bit more than a vehicle that has been wrapped for a shorter amount of time.
  • Should a panel require to be re-wrapped after a while because of damage etc., it might have a slight difference in colour than that of the previously wrapped panels.


We assist businesses in vehicle branding from a single car to a fleet of vehicles. This type of advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods available.

If your company vehicle is on the road, in traffic or parked somewhere, your brand gains more and more exposure. This makes it more effective than other types of advertising. Not only does it create a reliable image of your business, but it makes your brand stand out from your competition with customised vehicles.

Car branding can almost be viewed as a billboard on wheels. Corporate Vehicle Branding can be used for short-term promotions or long-term brand awareness. The type of branding your vehicles will require depends on your companyโ€™s marketing strategy, your budget and your target market. We can assist your company with full wraps, half wraps, vehicle stickers and vehicle signs.


Your specific requirements will dictate which materials we use.

On the vehicle windows we apply contra-vision, also known as one-way vision.

This type of vinyl allows you to clearly see through the vehicleโ€™s windows from inside the vehicle, but people outside the vehicle will not be able to look inside through the vinyl.This vinyl cannot be laminated.


Once full payment is received and the artwork proof is signed off we will inform you of available dates to bring your vehicle to our Pretoria office for branding.

This should be within about 3-4 working days depending on availability of the team.

We would need one working day for every R5000 that you were quoted to complete the branding.


Pricing depends on the type of vinyl we will use, the amount of full colour photos or graphics in your design, placement of graphics on the vehicle, the square meter coverage of branding that will be done on either flat or uneven surfaces on the vehicle.

These factors make it necessary for us to request an image of the car as well as the potential design before we can furnish you with a quote.

For large pieces of solid Vinyl that needs to be adhered to corrugated surfaces, deep grooves and side mirrors we only recommend the use of vehicle grade cast vinyl.

Our car branding prices range from approximately R500 to R1200 excluding VAT per mยฒ depending on the type of vinyl used for the design.

For more information on the 3 types of vinyl available, read below.

There are 3  types of vehicle branding branding |

  • Vehicle Wrapping | Printed  full colour vinyl  with laminate
  •  Cut-Out Pre-Pigmented Vinyl |  Lettering & solid colour shapes
  • Combination | Printed and cut-out vinyl


You can change the colour of a whole vehicle with a full body wrap with  pre-pigmented viny, available in a range colours , in gloss, matt or metallic finishes.

For full body wraps on vehicles only use vehicle grade cast vinyl. Other than in the case of a re-spray or โ€œpaint jobโ€, vinyl wraps are applied by hand. No machinery is involved, some joining lines will be visible, but will always be professionally and neatly done.

download AVERY DENNISON .PDF for current colours available |


As an added service, we can also remove old or existing branding from your vehicle.

To quote for the removal of vinyl, we will have to physically inspect the vehicle at our office in Silverton. It is not necessary to make an appointment for this inspection as our staff will be able to assist you any time during office hours. If the previous applicators used the wrong vinyl and / or the vehicle has been exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, it may be a time-consuming process to remove it and therefore we cannot simply quote on photos. In some cases, the removed vinyl may leave marks or ghost images on the vehicle. There is always the risk that paint can be damaged if the previous applicators made use of the wrong vinyl type.

The glue on monomeric vinyl is permanent which makes it a very difficult and tedious task to remove from any vehicleโ€™s surface and this can cause damage to the paint especially if it has been adhered to the surface for more than a year, has been applied to vehicles with a low standard respray job or when it has been applied to older vehicles that has been exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.


Benefits of car branding?

  1. Protection: It protects the paint on your vehicle, ensuring the value of your vehicle decreases at a slower rate.
  2. Preservation: If you remove the vinyl after a few years, the original paint will still look perfect (assuming it was in good condition before wrapping).
  3. Cost-Effective Color Change: It offers a cheaper way to change the body color compared to repainting.
  4. Special Effects: Car branding provides special effects that even professional spray painters might not be able to achieve.
  5. Mobile Advertisement: Car branding transforms the vehicle into a mobile billboard, promoting a company, product, service, or message, increasing brand visibility wherever the vehicle travels.
  6. Customization: It allows for unique designs and imagery, making the vehicle stand out.
  7. Protection from Scratches: The vinyl can protect the vehicle from everyday wear and tear.
  8. Cost-Effective Advertising: For businesses, branded vehicles offer one of the most cost-effective advertising methods, providing continuous exposure whenever the vehicle is on the road.

Will car wraps damage paint?

No, vehicle wrapping will not damage your carโ€™s paintwork. In fact, it can act as a protective layer. However, it’s essential to ensure the right type of vinyl is used. If the wrong type of vinyl (like monomeric) was used, there could be issues, but in general, quality vehicle wraps are designed to be safely removed without causing damage to the underlying paint. Always consult with professionals for both application and removal to ensure the best care for your vehicle’s paint.

How long do car wraps last?

The longevity of car wraps can vary based on several factors:

Quality of Vinyl: High-quality vinyl wraps can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years or even longer.
Environmental Factors: Exposure to direct sunlight, extreme weather conditions, and other environmental factors can affect the lifespan of a wrap.
Maintenance: Regular cleaning and proper maintenance can extend the life of the wrap.
Driving Conditions: A vehicle that is frequently driven in harsh conditions or off-road might experience a shorter wrap lifespan compared to one that’s mostly driven in milder conditions.

It’s always best to consult with the specific provider or manufacturer for more accurate information on the longevity of their car wraps.

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