Canvas printing is done onto 450gram Picasso artist Canvas, and then stretched over a pine wood frame of 44 x 22mm. Canvases larger than A3 (400 x 300mm) size has additional support in the four corners.

The quality of the canvas print will depend on the resolution of the photograph provided by you. On a medium sized canvas, about A2 size, files of around 1.5MB will be sufficient. Another way to check the quality of your photograph is to right click on the photo, go to properties and make sure your photograph isnโ€™t less than 72dpi (dots per inch). You can also try to enlarge your photo to the size you wish to print, about 200%, to check if the photo will pixelate when printed.

You are always welcome to send us your photo and we will be happy to check the quality for you. Customers often make the mistake of thinking they can use photographs that are copied from the internet. It is highly unlikely that this will work unless you buy a high-resolution photo from a stock photo site. Internet pictures are reduced in quality and size because large files will slow down websites.

The most common size of canvas ordered are A3, A2, A1 and A0, but we can also build custom frames to your requirements. Please note that any kind of customisation usually increases your lead time by approximately three working days and is about 20% more expensive than our standard size canvasses with the same surface area.

Another factor to keep in mind when it comes to canvas printing is whether you would like the design/photo to wrap around the side of the canvas or not. Contrary to general assumption, it is costlier when the sides of the canvas is white due to the fact that the tensioning process is more time consuming.

You can expect to receive your order within 4-5 working days after placing the order. As an alternative option to canvas printing, wall mounted fabric frames are also an option to consider, especially if you require prints larger than three metres in length. The limit for fabric frame prints is 8m and require aluminium frames that are fitted with printed Polyester flag material that is tensioned over the frames.