The term corri board, derives from the word corrugated boards and is also known as Correx advertising boards printing or real-estate agent boards.

These boards are available in different thicknesses, which vary between 2mm and 5mm, where the 3mm is the most popular and economical option. For signs bigger than A1 we recommend a 5mm thick Correx board. 

The price of a printed corri board is subject to the following factors:

  • Quantity of boards needed
  • Size of the boards
  • The number of different colours to be printed on the boards


Corri or Correx boards are weather-proof signage for temporary use and are available in three different base colours, namely white, black and yellow.

Digital printing is used on smaller quantities but for larger amounts of 40 or more boards of A2 size, we use the screen-printing process. The digital printing process offers the advantages of much faster printing speed and the superior quality and clarity when compared to the full colour screen printing process. With the digital printing process, all the colours are printed simultaneously therefore, there is no price difference in the amount of colours in the artwork.

Screen printing will be very costly on low quantities because every individual colour in the design needs a silkscreen and a positive must be prepared. On the other hand, printing large quantities, the set-up cost gets absorbed per unit and therefore the price decreases the more units you print. The set-up and printing cost are dictated by the number of colours you use in your design.

Silkscreen positives and other set-up charges can amount to costs of up to R2000 in cases with full colour designs on A2 Correx boards. As an example, if you want to silkscreen print a single A2 corri board in full colour it can amount to over R2000 for one board.