Chromadek boards are one of the most popular choices when it comes to custom manufactured sign boards, because it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The manufacturing process of Chromadek signs involves creating a flat, adherent surface that is perfectly suited to fix vinyl onto.

This provides more customization than most other available options and the epoxy coated galvanized steel sheeting gives it more durability in adverse weather conditions.

Our Chromadek signs are made of digitally printed vinyl that is applied onto the Chromadek sheet, with an available option to laminate the sign. Lamination can either be a transparent vinyl or a special lamination liquid. Transparent vinyl lamination is costlier but has a neater finish and will also protect your print for much longer. Chromadek signs are a long term advertising solution which only start to fade after approximately 18 months โ€“ 2 years when exposed to the adverse weather conditions on a permanent basis.

The sheets are manufactured in a standard width of 1.225m and an unspecified length. Our most popular standard sizes are 2.450 x 1.225m and 1.850 x 0.925m. Our manufacturers supply us with standard size rolls of 1.225mm in width and 50m in length.

The maximum size boards we manufacture are 25mยฒ, the equivalent of 10 x 2.5m.  If you have larger requirements, we will recommend a flex face sign.

The most popular vinyl used for Chromadek sign boards are polymeric, monomeric or cast vinyl. Choosing a vinyl will depend on the purpose and expected period the sign must last. If you want to find more information on the three main categories of vinyl types, you can click HERE.



  • Size of the board
  • Preferred type of lamination – transparent vinyl or clear liquid coating
  • Is the surface on which the board must be mounted smooth or uneven along with the picture of the surface/place
  • Installation height โ€“ the distance from the ground upwards
  • Installation address
  • Photographs indicating the exact installation position with ground level to be included in your photo
  • Will you require a steel frame on poles? If so, how high above the ground must the sign be?
  • Provide graphics or artwork – our design team could assist in creating a sign for you at an additional design fee

Once payment has been received and your artwork proof is signed off, we will be able to confirm an available date for the installation of your billboard sign.



Instead of re-erecting your sign, Redblock also offers a service to renovate or replace your signage face to assist you in saving on expenses. If you have Billboard signs with a hard, flat surface, as in the case of Chromadek signs, we usually recommend that you replace both the board and the print. The reason being that the clean-up of the existing face is usually quite a laborious and time-consuming task and thus warrants the replacement of both the print and the board. If you are under budget constraints, and want to replace only the print, we can replace the sign by printing on a block-out Vinyl. This material is black or dark grey on the inside and prevents the old sign from showing through the new sign or forming a โ€œghost imageโ€. You are welcome to contact us for more information or guidance on the best options for your requirements and budget.