Fabric frames can fill a wall with custom branding, especially when you are limited in terms of size. Canvas and wallpaper media is supplied to us in rolls of 1.2m in width and are joined with join lines which are visible. Canvas is tensioned over a pine wooden frame and can therefore not be joined.

Fabric frames consist of an aluminium frame that is mounted to a wall and the printed polyester fabric is then tension mounted on the inside of the frame and only about 5mm of the frame is visible when the sign is viewed from the front.

A choice of a free-standing or wall-mounted fabric frame is available. There is not a big difference in cost between these frames as the pedestal compensates for the costs in erecting the wall mounted fabric frame. The free-standing units are ideal replacements for in-house banner display units such as wall banners, A-frame banners and pull-up banners, but will not be recommended as display units for trade shows, conferences or exhibitions because they are not as easily assembled and transported as the other units are specially designed for this purpose.


  • The mounting and installation of fabric frames are relatively easy and less time-consuming and therefore makes them less expensive.
  • Generally, the printed colours on the wall mounted fabric frames appear crisper when mounted flat against a wall but this is not the case with the free-standing units that allow light to filter through and in so doing fades the print.
  • The largest of all indoor signs, this frame can be printed up to approximately 10m in width.
  • It has a durable, quality look and feel.
  • The face of the sign can be replaced relatively easy.
  • Alternative to the nearest related product, fabric frames can be mounted against a larger variety of surfaces like drywalls or walls with an uneven surface or un-primed walls.
  • Although a fabric frame is generally printed on polyester or cotton banner weave, you can choose between three different types of fabric.
  • Custom sizes can be manufactured to your requirements. Our aluminium strips come in 5.5m lengths and can be shortened or joined to suit your needs.
  • Humidity in walls will not influence or spoil your print as in the case with wallpaper.


  • Fabric frames are slightly more expensive than wallpaper printing.
  • A free-standing fabric frame is not ideal for assembly and disassembly and makes transporting difficult.