We offer flat ABS ruler printing with the print work done on white. These rulers are useful as bookmarks as well. We do ruler printing using the screen-printing process or we can print digitally directly onto the ruler. In addition, we also offer print on pre-manufactured factory rulers. This basic, everyday item provides great opportunities in relation to promotional items because your company name and contact details are viewed every time the ruler is used.


There are no actual pros and cons for prefabricated factory rulers versus ABS flat rulers, it is merely a matter of personal choice.

0.9mm ABS sheets of 310mm X 180mm are used and we can cut four rulers at a time and reduce the length individually to 310mm X 45mm.

Pre-fabricated factory rulers are printed separately. To make the order cost-effective, we request a minimum order of 300 rulers.


We make use of three methods of printing on rulers:

  1. Pad printing to a maximum of 35mm in length/diameter
  2. Screen printing for a maximum of up to six spot colours
  3. Digital UV printing (computer to printer).

We do make exceptions on request by using full colour digital printed stickers and manually sticking them to each ruler. However, we donโ€™t recommend this method as the frequent handling of the ruler wears off the ink and the stickers may come undone. Stickers on promotional items are only used in emergencies or as a last resort when clients are pressed for time and need orders to be completed urgently.

The price of silkscreen printing is dictated by the number of colours used in your design. On quantities of about 200 rulers with more than 2 colours in the design, we make use of the digital printing process.

When we print digitally the price of your printing is dictated by the size of the print and not by the number of colours used in the design, such as in the case of screen- or pad-printing.


How can I reduce the unit price?

  • By limiting the quantity and the number of different colours in the design when using either the pad or screen-printing process.

How do I go about requesting a quotation?

For us to assist you speedily and thoroughly, we request the following information from you:

  • The length of the rulers you wish to order
  • Quantity of rulers required
  • We will need to look at your design to make a final assessment.

How do I place an order?

  • We request proof of payment of 50% deposit, together with your design and other specifications, we will then provide you with a proof. As soon as you have signed off on the proof, production of your order will start. Your lead time will be noted on your quotation.

How long does it take to process my order?

  • Approximately 7-10 working days, depending on the size, quantity and printing process required.


Redblockโ€™s office is in Pretoria, Silverton where orders may be collected within business hours.

We also deliver orders to the following areas at an additional cost of R150 excluding VAT: Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Sandton, Fourways, Randburg, Roodepoort and East Rand.

Alternatively, we can also deliver your orders across the country, via courier at an additional cost of R160 excluding VAT.

Delivery prices are subject to size and weight of your order. Please note courier deliveries can take up to two additional working days to arrive on time. To request a quote please email us.