Custom printed outdoor patio-style umbrellas, are amongst the most popular outdoor advertising products to choose from. Mainly because it is a dual-use product – advertise your brand/product whilst being protected from the merciless African sun. You are of course able to fold up our custom printed umbrellas/parasols and pack them in for a holiday beach umbrella

Manufacturing custom umbrellas / parasols

We custom manufacture our umbrellas & parasols in 2 different main sizes:

2000 mm x 2000 mm (2 m x 2 m) and 2000 mm x 2200 mm (2 m x 2.2 m). For branding of these umbrellas/parasols we use a material called Gabberdene, that is branded onto using a method of branding called Dye Sublimation Printing. This is the same process & waterproof material combination we use when manufacturing custom printed gazebos.

The hardware of these custom umbrellas/ parasols is manufactured & assembled from a combination of aluminium, steel & PVC connectors. Our 2 m x 2 m parasol is packed in a slipcover of 1770 mm x 340 mm and weighs approximately 6,3 kg.

We quote separately on base units. The same base unit can be used for different sizes of parasols.

We can supply you with the print only (canopy) for your parasol, however, if it was not supplied by us, we will have to physically see the hardware & skin before we are able to supply you with a quote. Expect a 20% increase in price if we have to custom manufacture the canopy/skin.

You are able to supply us with a plain canopy/skin – we can then print, using the flex process, a few spot colours onto your canopy.

Artwork for umbrella printing / parasol printing

As in the case of most of our outdoor products, we do charge an additional fee to prepare your artwork onto our patio umbrella template. To save costs, we can supply you with this template. You can then prepare the artwork onto it and send it back to us for print.