We have various options available for window branding.

The most commonly used Vinyl types that we use for branding windows are:


Sandblast Vinyl is also known as sandblasted or frosted vinyl. Sandblasting vinyl is an effective and affordable method of branding your windows, either at home, in shopping centres or at your offices. This type of vinyl can be used for a variety of other decorative purposes such as adding patterns or solid panels to your windows or office cubicles.

If you are unsure of the branding or decorative window vinyl you need, send us an inquiry and we will gladly assist and guide you in choosing the correct type of vinyl.

Our team at Redblock applies the vinyl themselves at your premises to ensure that the application is done correctly onto the window. This service is only available within Pretoria and Johannesburg areas.

Our turnaround time mainly depends on the availability of our application team, which takes about 5 working days from when the deposit is received. The preparation of the vinyl only takes approximately 3 working days.


  • The surface area to be covered (size of glass panel/s).
  • The detail in your design/logo.
  • The distance from ground level for application.
  • The location of the site.

Please note that more detailed designs such as when we will need to cut out the detail, the cost will increase per m2. The reason being that this process of cutting and removing the excess Vinyl is quite labour intensive.

Should you require artwork and design assistance, we have a design team available to help at an additional fee. The costs may vary depending on the type of the design you require. Please indicate your request in quotation order.