Branded Gifts

Share your Brand with colleagues and customers.

Redblock Brands from cost-effective โ€œgiveaway promotional giftsโ€ to durable, upmarket gifts. We cater to the corporate client and the general public, order a single item, branded or unbranded (online store only) and the corporate client who orders in bulk. let us advise you of the choices avlible within your budget.

Online ordering

Order your gifts, whether Motherโ€™s day, Fatherโ€™s day, Valentineโ€™s Day or even Birthday gifts online, hassle-free! If you donโ€™t have a gift idea, we can send you an online gift voucher within 2-3 hours, which can be used as the recipient chooses.  If you prefer to wait one working day, we can make a physical keychain with the personโ€™s name and number, along with a sticker with the gift voucherโ€™s unique code that can be removed after it has been used, thus doubling as a little personalized gift keychain.

What sets us apart

Our unique products and the fact that we do in-house branding sets us apart from our competitors. This significantly shortens the lead time for branded products.

The average lead time for unbranded online gifts is 2-3 working days, and should you require personalization, add another 3-4 working days. This lead time includes delivery to main cities nationwide.

There is a range of over 2500 gifts to choose from. Should you choose to brand these gift items which is charged as an additional fee, the price will vary depending on the method of branding used, which ranges from pad printing, UV printing (direct to product digital printing), dye sublimation, screen printing and engraving, as well as the quantities ordered. Each of these methods are priced differently.

We also offer the service of branding existing items supplied by the customer. Whatever it may be, you can courier your items to us, we personalize and brand them and courier it back to you.

Our large variety of unbranded corporate clothing and garments are also used for corporate gifting which range from T-shirts, to durable high-quality lounge shirts, skirts, jackets, and many more.