Perspex screens: Pretoria

Today every person knows what the Coronavirus or Corvid-19 is about and that if can kill you. As we are slowly coming out of lockdown, each and every employer needs to do what is necessary and implement certain precautions to ensure the safety of their employees and that we flatten the curve. It is the onus of the employer to ensure the safety of your employees and customers and create a safe place of business and ideal protection for your retail environment and reception environment in schools.

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<h2 Use of Perspex screens</h2>

Creating a barrier between your employees and the customer is not always aesthetic or easy, but it is of outmost importance to prevent the possibility of a person carrying the virus to transmit it across the counter to your employee.

Creating a screen barrier between your staff and the customer also protects your desktop environment and equipment like the point of sale from contamination and direct exposure through accidental touch, sneezing, coughing or even spitting while talking, which has been proven to spread the virus. The screen offers protection and limits the spread of the virus.

A clear Perspex screen can also bear as a reminder to maintain a safe distance from each other, protect your staff in accidental touch and once again reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

This way you keep your employee and their workstations safe.

Here at Redblock we offer you clear Perspex screens that conforms to the necessary regulations, has a high transparency so there is no sight hinderance and it assists in social distancing between Point of Sale (POS) staff and customers.

There are several products on the market from which you can choose but Perspex comes out at the top as it is easier to clean and sanitize without the risk of getting damaged by harmful chemicals and cleaning supplies. 

Perspex screens has longer durability than alternative products and is quick and easy to install as a fixed or mobile protective screen.

Perspex in particular is a non-porous element that prevents any of the virus airborne microbes from passing through giving you the ultimate protection.

It has scientifically been proven that the Coronavirus can survive longer on porous surfaces like cardboard than on Perspex which makes the Perspex screen the ultimate product to consider to protect your workplace and keep your desktop environment safe from direct exposure to the virus.

A proper built and fitted Perspex screen offers two-way protection for your employees and customers against airborne and contact-based viruses and bacteria, it is durable, safe and made to last.

The heavier Perspex product also offers better safety than the lightweight plastic option when accidentally bumped and once again assists in social distancing between staff and customers and is ideal for your reception and sales areas keeping your business safe.

You have several options when it comes to mounting the units as it is available in fixed or mobile solutions and is scratch resistant.

Aluminium makes the most sense to partner with the Perspex as it is strong enough to hold the panels.  These Perspex screens are affordable for all businesses.

Pricing of the counter shields are dependent on the size and density of the Perspex which ranges from 3mm to 5mm. Mounted in an aluminium frame prices start from ± R1 600 per m².

Redblock can install the units at an additional installation fee of R800 and a call out fee of R450 depending on your business location. Installation of these shields is currently only available in Pretoria and Johannesburg.