Multi banners, Spider or X banners โ€“ because the display stand looks like an X or spider legs. For the metal frame, you has a choice between a longer thinner banner of 650 x 1850mm, or a shorter wider banner of 650 x 1650mm โ€“ giving various options of sizing. It is a cheaper alternative  to the Roll up or Pull up banner, but only suitable for indoor use because of its light weight structure.

Both the metal/budget plastic frame, comes with the frame, the banner with 4 eyelets, and a carry bag. Setup is usually achieved within 2 minutes. Printing is done on layflat PVC which is a black/white PVC that is seamed on the sides to prevent the sides from curling โ€“ the same material pull up banners are printed on. This material retains its shape and does not curl despite usually being packed up in a rolled-up fashion.

How can I order multi banners?

Artwork must always be print-ready โ€“ this means on a template and full vector. If you are unable to supply the artwork in this format, there may be a layout or artwork fee involved. You can simply email us your order details, which includes artwork, size, frame type (metal or plastic) and quantities required and we will respond with a quote. Upon accepting your quote we will require payment and artwork. Thereafter, you will receive a pre-production drawing to confirm that all is correct. Depending on the type of product ordered, and the quantity, you can expect between 4-5 working days for your order to be completed. You can also place orders for these banners ONLINE