Vehicle Protection

Paint Protection Film

Redblock Advertising and Media has partnered with Custom Paint Products.

Poly Urethane Paint Protection film (or TPU), also known as a ‘Clear Mask’ or PPF, is the ideal protection for your vehicle against the everyday damage caused by sand, shakes, hail, and even rain at high speeds, and to diminish support costs.

Originally developed for the US military in the mid 80’s to expand the life expectancy of exceptionally costly surfaces on stream air ships driving edges, landing lights and helicopter rotor sharp edges, it is now used by customers on their own vehicles to protect against those everyday mishaps.

During The Gulf War in the 90’s, it was demonstrated that the life expectancy of the helicopter rotor sharp edges could drastically be expanded by using polyurethane films in the brutal, sandy condition of the Arabian Peninsula.

Because of the expanding request, todays films created throughout the years to secure all the more stylishly basic surfaces,  are exceptionally adaptable with polished and lucidity and has an unbelievable life expectancy.

TPU additionally show biocompatibility, hydrolytic steadiness, and optical clearness, in addition to being fire resistant and against static properties.

It comes with a 7 year warranty.

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