Its funky, fashionable & comfortable regardless whether you wear it with casual clothing or sportswear! Buffs are also known as headscarves, scarves, neck bandanas & even headbands – which in reality isnt headbands but can be worn as a multi functional headwear.

We custom print buffs & headscarves according to clients’ needs. We manufacture the customized buffs in-house – the process begins with printing on our dye sublimation machine, we then transfer the print to a heat press that fuses the pigment to the polyester fabric ( 3 types suitable for buffs are available ) and finally cut & trimmed & overlocked to complete the buff. Besides the buffs being high fashion, it also helps curb the spread of microorganisms such as virusses / germs. It is great to use as a UV protection scarf for any extreme sports person requiring protection from the sun around their neck. Furthermore many moto-cross participants use these neckbandanas to protect them from breathing in excessive dust whilst in the field. It is printed on a polyester material which is commonly known as a quick drying fabric – perfect for the hot climate & any sport enthusiasts!


The advantage of the dye sublimation process on the full colour buffs, is that the ink pigments gets fused to the material using a heat press, which means it will never fade no matter how many times it gets washed (It will fade when ironing – but ironing is not necessary at all!). The print is much more “crisp” than that of screenprinting or direct to garment UV printing. This is the same printing method used when manufacturing other sportswear & sports garments such as golf shirts, team jerseys and cycling pants. All our base material is supplied in white, and we print it full colour ensuring a 100% coverage on one side ( inner remains . Pricing remains the same regardless of the number of colours to be printed.


Whether you call them buffs, neckerchiefs, scarves, multi-functional headwear,  it all remains a one size fits all garment, which can be manufactured for toddlers, children, teens and adults alike 

No order is too big or too small – we are able to print only one or two bandanas to your requirements. We do however have a minimum overall order amount of R500 excl VAT, thus if you require one buff, you can expect to pay R500 excl VAT for it. 



How do I go about receiving a quote for a custom printed buff?

Email your request to us along with

1 – the amount of headscarves you would like

2 – the artwork/design/logo you would like printed on the buffs  in  a print-ready format ( any file made in a design program such as illustrator and not an image file .png/.jpg etc)

3 – the deadline for your order (if it is quicker than our average lead time, we will charge a rush fee)

We have a minimum order amount of R500 excl VAT. Should your budget not allow this, we are able to refer you to a company that might be able to assist with smaller orders. 


I received my quote & would like to continue with the order, how do I proceed?

Please send us your proof of payment as indicated on the quote ( full amount payable on orders under R1000 ex VAT, 50-70% on orders above R1000 excl VAT). We will send a layout within 8-12 working hours after proof of payment is received  that has to be approved before commencing of your order. The moment you approve, the lead time will start – thus do not count the number of days since your inquiry, but from the moment you approved. 

How long can I expect my order to take, on average?

Depending on the size of your order, and how busy we are at the time of your approval, but you can expect an average of 3 – 4 working days for orders under 200 units of custom manufactured buffs & thereafter 1 working day for every 200 custom made buffs.

Do you have one standard template to follow for the shape of the custom buffs or am I able to supply my own?

We have a whole team of in-house CMT seamstresses, that are able to manufacture the buff exactly according to your needs, however, an additional setup fee may be applicable.

Can we supply our own material for printing?

As a rule no, unless it is required to only be printed spot colours, where we will then most likely screen print. Depending on your request, a minimum amount may be applicable 

I would like to resell your bandanas, do I qualify for a discount?

For sure you do! A large percentage of our client base are resellers of our customized headwear. As a reseller, you supply us with your artwork & layout – which we in turn save time on, and you save a bit of money

Can you supply a printed sample before continuing?

We are able to print a sample should you be very sensitive to corporate colours, this should be supplied in PANTONE colours, hex, CMYK and RGB are not accepted for colour matching