A-Frame Banner systems are an attractive solution especially for temporary or mobile advertising requirements. At Redblock these banners are printed on black or white PVC and then attached to an aluminium frame with Velcro strips.

The aluminium frames consist of 12 connecting poles that work on the same principle as the older type of garden gazebos. They are joined to the frame to form an A-shaped construction. A-Frame banners are manufactured from lightweight and easy push-fit anodized aluminium sections. You have the option to display your banner in either landscape or portrait orientation. In portrait orientation you can have 3 banners per unit whereas in landscape you can have only 2. A-Frame banners take less than 5 minutes to assemble or dismantle, which makes them very popular for both indoor and outdoor displays, although they are mostly used outdoors. In windy conditions the banner can be anchored by common tent pens (not included). All A-Frame banners come standard with a carry bag for easy storage and transport.

A-Frame banners can be printed on either PVC or Polyester fabric – the same material we use for flag printing. Although, the latter option requires a longer lead time and is more expensive. Our standard A-Frame banners are available in 1 x 2m, 1 x 3m and 1 x 4m lengths. We can manufacture custom sized frames according to specifications if required. In cases like these, the lead time will be extended from the standard 4-5 working days to approximately 7-10 working days.