Wooden Box Manufacturing

We manufacture wooden boxes in-house, with access to over 200 different templates and thus, choices of boxes for you to choose from. In addition to these standard templates, we are able to , at a small fee, adjust these sizes & orientation to suit your needs. These boxes can also be personalized by use of a laser engraving machine, whether that is engraving on the surface of one or all panels of the boxes, or creating a patterned panel altogether. The price for personalizing these boxes will be calculated by using the time the machine takes to engrave the overall project. 

Other than the standard 3mm MDF wood that we use most often in our manufacturing process, there are a few different types of MDF & Veneer Laminates available for an even more customized look & feel 

these are :

  • Pink Beech
  • Bubinga 
  • Cherry

It is important to note that these are laminates, meaning only a thin skin of the wood has the bubinga/cherry/beech look, the centre remains MDF, the veneer is also 6mm thick vs Plain MDF being 3mm . This is not noticeable but noteworthy. 

Of course, the more the box is customized, the more its cost will be, a plain & simple box is much more economically priced than an intricate patterned box with custom engraving – this could very well be increased by a factor of 3.5 x that of a plain box. 

The biggest factor in cost is not the wood ( MDF or Veneer) but rather the size & patterns used, a box of 150 x 150 x 150mm would only have a R15 price difference if a Veneer is used in place of MDF wood. 

We use 2 different industrial laser machines to manufacture these custom wooden boxes, 

  • 80 Watt Laser for engraving & Cutting 
  • 180 Watt Laser for cutting ( too strong to engrave fine details) 


Where is wooden boxes most often used?

The market is full of opportunities for this high-end packaging solution – most commonly used in these categories:

  • Gift hamper packaging
  • Mothers day gifts
  • Fathers day gifts
  • Unique wooden wine boxes
  • Jewelry boxes / packaging
  • Valentines day Gift packaging
  • Corporate hampers
  • School hampers / gifts 
  • Teachers / student gifts 

These personalized hampers can be filled with a variety of over 3000 gifts available to purchase online at www.redblock.co.za. The size of the box will be dependent of the size of gifts you order to fill it. 

You can of course fill these boxes with something sweet like chocolates or salty such as biltong or whatever you would like to surprise your loved ones with ( We do not offer these products, they are merely a suggestion)

We do not offer the services of pre-packing your hampers yet, you have to assemble your hampers yourself.


What if I need something specific

If none of the options presented suits your needs, we are happy to discuss your needs – simply pop us a mail with your needs, ideas & questions and we will happily try and find the perfect solution for you, if not we will try our best to refer you to a supplier who can assist 

How can I order a wooden gift box?

You will always have to have your artwork print-ready – this means on a template & full vector.

If you are unable to supply the artwork in this format, there may be a layout/artwork fee involved

You can simply email us your order, which includes artwork, size & quantities required and we will respond with a quote. Upon accepting your quote with a minimum of 50% deposit ( or 100% on orders below R1000) you will receive a pre-production drawing to confirm that all is correct. Depending on the type of product ordered ( and how many), you can expect between 4-5 working days for your order to be completed. 

With regret, we do not complete orders under R500 excluding VAT.