At REDBLOCK we can apply tinted window vinyl to any window for your office, your home or your vehicle.

The more light there is on the outside of the office, building, window or vehicle, the more sight will be hampered from the outside towards the inside.

Window film is available in a wide range of shades and effects such as reflective as well as non-reflective like bronze, charcoal, silver, mirror and many more.

In total we have about 15 different shades and colours to choose from of which the grade of tinting varies between 5% and 70%. In the case with vehicle windows the legal limit is set to 35% light transmission for side windows and 70% visibility for windscreens.


Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Window tinting will protect your furniture and curtains from UV radiation.
  • The tinting film can be removed without any damage to your window surface.
  • The tinting will reflect the sun from your windows and cool down your office or living space.
  • The ‘one-way vision’ effect of the tinting film ensures privacy and security.
  • Window tinting ensures that non-shatterproof glass does not shatter in pieces in case it should break.
  • It can be used as an alternative to more traditional protection such as curtains or blinds.
  • It reduces the chances for successful smash-and-grab attempts on vehicles.

For us to quote for on-site application we will need to see a photograph of the doors, windows or surface to which the vinyl will be applied as well as the measurements.

If you require a quotation for your vehicle window tinting, you only need to send us the make and model of your car upon which we will reply with a quotation.


Once we have received your 50% deposit and your artwork proof has been signed, we will inform you of available dates for your tinting application. This is usually approximately 4-5 working days later depending on the team’s availability. Our team can apply about 2 – 3m2 of tinting per hour.

In the case with vehicle window tinting, after we have received your 50% deposit, we will confirm a date on which you can bring your vehicle to our offices before 09h00 and collect it in the afternoon on the same day.

We have physical samples of all the different shadings and grades available and will recommend that you visit our offices before you make your final choice.