Sanitizing booths: Pretoria

Coronavirus is on everyone’s lips and as we need to return to our normal daily routine, we need to make sure that we have the necessary systems in place to curb and prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

In many instances when you have larger businesses where the normal hand sanitizing units are not sufficient you need to think bigger and more efficient.

The sanitizing and disinfecting booth is ideal for workplaces where traffic is high, efficiency is essential and contact need to be limited.

Sanitizing booths is the way forward in places like shopping malls, office blocks, schools and factories.

The principle is simple, be sanitized from head to toe by the wave of your hand.

Our touch-less system is lightweight for your convenience.

Working the system is simple. Our no touch system allows you to activate the sanitizing system by waving your hand in front of the no touch infrared sensor, stepping inside the booth, be sanitized by high pressure nozzles (Class 3 products) with .3mm piping that spray you with a wet sanitizing mist and then deactivating the sanitizing spray once again as you step out of the booth with a no touch infrared sensor all in the name of safety.

The system is operated with a .375kwa pump, 220v, that comes with a 1 Year warranty.

Our sanitizing booth is manufactured from quality products and assembly is easy

This is quick, easy and totally effortless and does not need to be manned 24/7.

Sanitizing booths can be manufactured in custom sizes to comply with each customer and environment’s needs. The booths are also available in steel frame or PVC frame options with PVC being the more cost effective and self-assembly option available.

Sanitizing booths are proven to combat the spread of contagious viruses and bacteria when used with quality effective sanitizing liquids.

Effective yet simple sanitization.

Smarter living made easy.