The great advantages of a wall hanging banner is that they can easily be rolled up into a relatively small size which is very practical when it comes to storage or transporting. A hanging banner doesnโ€™t take up a great deal of space because it is usually displayed flat against a wall. A standard hanging banner sign is printed on straight-hang PVC which is specifically manufactured not to curl up on the sides. Hanging banners can also be printed on Polyester, although, on average this increases the cost by around 30%. A Hanging banner is manufactured with aluminium extrusions glued to the top and the bottom of the banner. The top aluminium strip has a thin steel cable on which the banner hangs.

When ordering your hanging banner, please supply us with the size as well as the orientation, landscape or portrait โ€“ please note that landscape banners are, as a rule, more expensive because of the length of the aluminium extrusions on which the banners are mounted. Hanging banners require 4-5 working days lead time.


For budget conscious marketing we offer a cheaper alternative to our standard hanging banners. These banners are printed on regular reinforced PVC banner material used for our standard banners.  To prevent curling, we add seeming on either side of the banner. The top and bottom seams remain open. In the bottom seam we add a 20mm wooden dowel stick and at the top a round steel pipe fitted with a thin nylon wire for hanging purposes. This option is typically 30% cheaper than the standard alternative.