Hands Free Sanitizer Dispenser: Pretoria

Did you know that 80% of contagious diseases are spread by your hands? Yes, whether you contract them by surface touching or personal contact with other people, something as insignificant as shaking hands can spread the contagion. For just this sole reason proper hygiene and sanitizing is of cardinal importance especially now when we are facing the deadly Coronavirus across the globe.

With the Coronavirus or COVID-19 spreading havoc amongst the people of our country and globally, we are encouraged daily to wash our hands properly with soap and water or a high alcohol content hand sanitizer now more than ever.

As we are slowly coming out of full lockdown every business needs to prepare and take the necessary precautions to protect those that work and visit the premises.

Hands free is the way to go.

And easy way to ensure that every employee and customer that enters the doors of the business have their hands cleaned and sanitized without appointing an employee to stand at the door is by installing a hassle free foot operated sanitizer stand.

This hands-free foot operated hand sanitizing stand can also double up as a hands-free soap dispenser on construction sites where fixed sanitizer units cannot be accommodated.

The uses for these units are endless.

Our handsfree sanitizer dispenser stand is foot operated and is locally manufactured.

The stand is a floor standing dispenser and the stand made from quality stainless steel, giving the fact that it is used in a high alcohol and chemical environment is crucial to withstand the impact the chemicals may have.

This product can accommodate a variety of hand sanitizer bottles with either pumps or spray heads.

The stands ensure a touch free zone and, in this way, helps to reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus between customers and employees or students.

This hands-free foot operated sanitizer stand is perfect for the factory environment where large numbers or employees pass through the establishment daily and will sit just as convenient in small businesses and office spaces. It can make the difference between spreading and curbing the virus.

In larger retails stores the hands-free standing hand sanitizer unit works particularly well to enable every customer to sanitize and move along.

With their innovative design our hands-free foot operated soap dispensers can be placed in almost any location, suitable for use in any environment.

The foot operated hands-free sanitizer unit encourages to manage the distance of at least 1.5 meter between individuals.

Our units are also easy to refill an no special equipment is needed to change the bottles.

Together we can stop the spread of this virus by placing the necessary equipment and precautions in place and to give everyone that visit your business access to hand sanitizer creating a safer working environment.