At REDBLOCK we have a large variety of flag and banner flag printing options available to elevate your advertising or branding to the next level.

All our flags are manufactured to withstand all outdoor elements, but of course they can also be utilised indoors. All our flags are printed digitally, with screen printing or sublimation – depending on your preference and the order specifications.

REDBLOCK manufacture the following types of flags:

  • Country Flags
  • Corporate Flags
  • Desk flags
  • Banner flags (Also known as Telescopic flags, Shark-fin flags, Windcheater flags and Extreme flags etc.)

We also provide flag accessories such as flag poles, indoor base units etc.


Not only do we supply the most popular country flags, we can also supply flags from any country in almost any dimension imaginable, complete with rope and toggles. The less common sized flags take longer to manufacture and are slightly more expensive than regular sizes because they must be custom made. Every flag is different, but most clients ask for 1.2m x 1.8m country flags. Because of how some flags are designed, not all country flags will fit this size. We recommend you measure the size you want & we manufacture! 


All flags available on our website can be customized according to your requirements. All additional artwork will be charged in cases where designs are not submitted in print-ready format. If you need information on Artwork specifications, please click HERE.


Desktop flags are available with wood base stands or the more cost-effective PVC base stands. Common materials for desk flags are either Nylon or PVC and the regular size for desk flags are 120mm x 80mm, although custom sizes are available on request. As in the case with most promotional gifts and corporate wear we require a minimum order to the value of R 1500.0 (Excl. VAT) for desktop flag orders. Depending on your choice of flag base stand, the minimum quantity is usually around 40 flags.


These flags are known by a variety of different names including: Waving Flags, Extreme Flags, Shark-Fin Banners or Teardrop Banners. These flags are suitable for outdoor occasions and are commonly used at sporting events. Depending on the shape, these flags range in sizes from 2m to 6m. All extreme flags come standard with hardware that is split in between 2-3 different sections depending on the size. Indoor base units for these flags are available, but not included in the price.


Fountain or Cluster Flags can be ordered in sets of 4 – 5 and can either be digitally or screen printed. We can also manufacture them with our heat transfer process. The cluster frame is manufactured from aluminium and can be folded into smaller sections for ease of transport.

Screenprinting vs Sublimation On Flags

Sublimation is a digital method of printing onto flags, which means it is a cost-effective method on low quantities or on full-colour prints. It starts by printing your flag in reverse on a transfer paper & then heat pressing it into a sublimatable substrate ( this is a high polyester blend fabric) – it works very similar to temporary tattoos, just without water, and instead with heat. Sublimation Flag Printing is a trusted method of printing flags and will be suitable for outdoor use, however, it will never last quite as long as screenprinting on flags would. 

Screenprinting is a manual method and the longest-lasting printing method for flags. It is done by making a screen for every colour required in your design & thus not cost-effective on low quantities of printing. It can not be used to achieve “fades” or “colour blends” in designs, because the screens do not allow for this.