Digitally Printed Wallpaper is a great way to transform your home, office and/or retail interiors. The digital wall paper creation process begins with a digital file; therefore, it can be created using a digital (graphic design) image or a photograph. You can incorporate patterns, photographs, graphic design images or use all three – everything is done digitally and prepared for printing electronically.

Our Digitally Printed Wallpaper is unique because it is fully personalised and custom-made, allowing for infinite design possibilities.

Wallpaper ordering process

Wallpaper orders takes roughly around 3 to 5 working days to print, depending on the quantity needed. We quote additional for installation, so please send us an email with your site address together with your wall paper requirements for us to prepare your quotation.

It is essential that you have your walls primed prior to installation. Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. The role of a primer is to prepare the wall for the application of the wall paper in order for your wall paper to stay on the walls, without this your wall paper will eventually peel and will need re-application.

To determine whether your photographs are of a high enough quality to be used in a wall paper design you can either enlarge it to the size you intend to print it, zoom in and look for pixilation or you can right click on your photograph and go to the ‘properties’ menu – if your dpi (dots per inch) is less than 72 dpi, your photograph is not of usable quality. Files smaller than around 5 meg (depending on the image/printing size) will unfortunately also not be usable for such large format printing.

If you are looking for high quality photographs, you can search any of the following stock photo sites:

  • (free)

Depending on the size of your order, you can expect to pay around R 550.00 – R 580.00 per m2, which will include the application on site. It is imperative though that you treat/prime your wall before application.

We are happy to send a consultant to advise you and assist you with measurements at an additional cost of R 600.00 of which you will get a R 400.00 credit should you place the order with us.

We purchase our wall paper in 1.2 m widths. In the case where your design is broader than the roll of paper, the design will be split/divided and then joined. We apply strips of 1.2 m in width with vertical, visible join lines but which does not appear untidy or unprofessional.

In some cases, depending on the humidity, the wall paper can lift away from the walls at the join line, in which case we return to adhere the wall paper for a second time. After a second application the joins will not lift again.

As an alternative to wall paper we can also suggest Fabric Frames. These are aluminium frames that are mounted against the wall and then fitted with printed Polyester flag material that is tensioned into the frames.

The advantage of fabric frames have over wall paper is that there are no visible join lines and the colours appear crisper. Fabric frames price at around 10% more expensive than wall paper.