The term Corri-board derives from the word corrugated boards and is also known as correx advertising boards printing or real-estate agent boards. These boards are available in different widths, which vary between 2mm and 5mm, where the 3mm is the most popular and economical option.

The price of a printed Corri-board is subject to the following factors:

  • The quantity of boards ordered.
  • The size of the board.
  • The number of colours printed.


Corri or Correx boards are weather resistant for approximately 1 year and thereafter they tend to weather and fade. Corri boards are available in three base colours, namely white, black and yellow. If you require any other colour for the background, this will have to be screen printed onto the Corri-board directly and will be added to your colour count as an additional colour. Approximately 90% of the orders placed with us for Corri boards are on white because it is more economical.

Digital Printing is used on smaller quantities and for larger amounts (40 or more boards of A2 size) we use the screen-printing process. The advantages of the digital printing process are that the process is much faster and of a more superior quality and clarity when compared to the screen-printing process.

Digital printers print all the colours simultaneously. Therefore there is no price difference in the number of colours in your artwork.

Screen printing will be very costly on low quantities because for every individual colour in the design a silkscreen and a positive must be prepared. On the flip side, when you print large quantities, the set-up cost gets absorbed per unit and the per unit price decreases the more you print. The set-up and printing cost are dictated by the number of colours you use in your design.

Silkscreen positives and other set-up charges can amount to costs of up to R 2000.00 in cases with full colour designs on A2 Correx Boards. As an example, if you want to Silkscreen print a single A2 Corri-board in full colour it can amount to over R 2000.00 for one board.

We offer delivery of all our products in the following areas for R120 (excl. VAT): Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, Fourways, Randburg and surrounding areas.

Please ask us for a quotation if you require delivery that fall outside of these areas.