Container Stacking: Pretoria


Traditional billboards are expensive, have many restrictions and are often highly regulated. By using a shipping container as a billboard, your business can work large format advertising into its marketing strategy without facing the limitations of traditional billboards. Shipping containers can do so much more for your business not to mention they double up as extra free storage.

Containers can be repurposed with ease and used as a blank canvas to promote your business or products. They’re a quick solution and a cost-effective marketing move that can make a lasting impression and deliver results.

As a base, shipping containers make a solid and safe foundation and can be delivered to your site and positioned and stacked to suit your needs. Containers are available in a range of sizes and they can be stacked in different configurations allowing you to customise your campaign.

Shipping container ads can fit to one side or multiple sides of containers making for a striking 3-dimensional vehicle to draw attention. Our creative team can custom design banner skins to fit to the sides of your container. We will consult with you to create unique artwork that will reach your desired demographic.

Redblock Media’s production team use premium quality reinforced vinyl to fabricate your shipping container banner advertisements. We make use of cutting edge printing technology to produce sharp, vibrant colour that will deliver the wow factor.

But shipping container banners aren’t the only way to make use of these gigantic building blocks, there are many other ways you can use the containers to suit your needs.

You can modify a shipping container by painting it with your brand or company colours.
Increasing brand awareness isn’t just about advertising, it’s also about the diverse elements that make up your brand identity. Your shipping container is a great place to display striking, bold colours that communicate the fun and easily recognizable aspects of your business. A painted shipping container can serve as a one-time element for a special event or promotion, or it can be part of a long-term marketing plan.

You can modify a shipping container by adding logos and slogans.
Also, instead of using your shipping container to display a billboard-sized ad, you can ensure your container advertises your business at all times, regardless of where it is located. As with the banner skins, Redblock offers full design rendering, printing, and installation services for container decals or cladding. With your logo displayed across the container, you’ll achieve brand recognition whether it’s in transit or located on your property.

To extend your campaign life, Redblock Media can also install solar LED billboard lights to illuminate your container ads at night. This negates the need for a powered site and is an energy-saving option. Customers can choose to set the number of hours their signage is lit for, or decide to have it lit from dusk till dawn.

In their truest form, shipping containers are starting blocks and blank canvases, and their fullest potential is still being realized by innovative marketers, architects, and artists alike. Modified shipping containers are a strong contender in the experiential marketing arena thanks to their sheer size, applicability, security and durability, affordability, and ability to be turned into pretty much anything you can dream up.

For a quote or more information on shipping container ads, stacked or singles, call the Redblock Media team today.