CNC Routing

Our CNC routing machine has a cutting bed size of 2.5 x 1.3m. However, we are not limited to manufacturing signs of the bed size, but rather the size of a component, like a letter, number or a component of your sign โ€“ thus, we are able to supply you with a cut-out sign of around 5 times this size.

With the combination of three laser engravers and a CNC router, we are able to cut a massive variety of sheet materials and manufacture unique and striking 3D signs all under one roof. Depending on the type of material, different drill bits and settings are used to cut the raw materials. Harder materials require stronger and more specialised drill bits to perform the cutting and are more costly to buy. Cutting or engraving time is increased, and these drill bits become worn out much faster.

The CNC routing machine can only cut certain materials, for instance, the thickest metal we are able to cut, is about 2mm thick depending on the metal type. We have a firm policy to only accept orders that we are capable of cutting or engraving in-house. Should we not be able to accept an order, we will not hesitate to refer you to a company that is able to assist you with your request, but if a client specifically asks us to be a middleman for another companyโ€™s services. This ensures we are able to take responsibility and pride in our final products offered to you.


  • What is the lead time on CNC routed materials or products?

We aim to complete orders within 2-3 working days, after layout has been approved and payment received, to have the order ready for collection or at dispatch for a courier. We stock the most common drill bits for rigid sheet cutting of most materials. However should a specific drill bit be required, the lead time will naturally be extended with an additional day or two.

  • What do you need from clients to provide a quote?
  1. The size and design
  2. The type and thickness of material to be cut
  3. Confirmation whether the material will be supplied by the client or by us
  • How should artwork be supplied by the client?

For quoting purposes, we do not require a specific format. However should you place an order, we do need the file in line art (vector) format. We offer the service of converting your artwork file to this format and will quote separately for this. In the case of a reseller/dealer/middleman we prefer a CAD file or line art PDF/Cdr files.

  • Are you able to supply a single item that has been cut?

Yes. However, we do have a minimum order policy of R500 excluding VAT.

  • Can I supply my own materials to be cut?

Yes. However, our rate-per-minute is higher when you supply the materials than the rate-per-minute should we supply the materials.

  • Do you deliver?

Yes. Delivery fees for cut-out signs mounted on pins is more expensive than flat sheets, due to the fact that we build custom boxes or packaging for extra protection. Delivery prices are subject to size and weight of your order. Please note courier deliveries can take up to two additional working days to arrive on time. To request a quote please email us.

  • Who is your target market?

The reseller market, mainly sign-rigging companies, as well as end-users where we rig these signs ourselves which contributes to roughly 40% of our annual total turnover.

  • What is the difference between CNC routing and laser engraving?

A CNC router uses a physical drill bit to cut and engrave, whereas a laser engraver uses a laser beam to cut and engrave.

Laser engraving

Our Laser engraving equipment consists of:

130 Watt, Bed size 1.3 x 900mm

180 watt, Bed size 1.3 x 900mm

30 Watt, Bed size 600 x 300mm

With our assortment of laser engraving equipment, we are able to cut and engrave a large variety of materials, including but not limited to: rubber, leather, Komatex, ABS, foam board, MDF wood, Perspex, Plexi glass.

Depending on the size of your order, a setup fee may be applicable and the costing of the order is based on the time the engraver uses to complete the cutting or engraving.

CUSTOM 3D signs | Perspex, Di-bond, Wood & LED illuminated signs

With a combination of our rigid flat sheet raw materials your range of options and possibilities are virtually limitless. This ranges from pine wood, MDF, Perspex, flex face, aluminium coated Di-bond and I-bond sheets in different thicknesses. A lot more time, expertise and raw materials are used in the manufacturing of these unique 3D signs, which contribute to a more expensive sign than that of the conventional Chromadek, flex face or basic light box signs.

Do you want something special and unique compared to the plain old standard range? Send us an email of what you have in mind and we will reply with some images of projects we have done in the past, with a price indication or refer to our gallery.

Our lead time on these unique custom manufactured signs are about 12-15 working days, depending on the complexity of your signs and the size.

We use a few different methods of adhesion and rigging of these signs, which includes:

  1. Double sided tape and heavy duty adhesive glue
  2. Rawl bolts or anchoring bolts
  3. Steel pins – usually mounted onto 10mm acrylic/Perspex disks
  4. Stand offs – aluminium spacers and grips that are available in a variety of widths, lengths and diameters

Included in your quote is a site inspection fee, which is an industry standard requirement prior to rigging your indoor or outdoor sign.

In person Consultations to advise and assist you with on site consultation prior to a quotation are an additional cost, redeemable as a credit against your paid order. 

Please note you require an electrician to connect electrical components of illuminated signs that are rigged outdoors at your own account. Indoor illuminated signs can be sufficiently connected by means of an electrical cord extension neatly hidden.