Banners are used in a wide variety of displays, usually for outdoor advertising and events such as Billboards, Street advertising, Trade Shows, In-Store Promotions/Exhibitions or as welcome signs at parties and other personal events.

When thinking about ordering banners, you have a few different options. You can choose between the following:

  • Reinforced black/white PVC banners (White on the print side and black on reverse side that prevents light from coming through the back and in doing so fades your print)
  • Or Cloth banners that are printed on a Polyester banner weave These banners are approximately 50% more expensive than PVC banners, but with the added benefit that it is much lighter in weight and that it stays tidier over time. Polyester banners can easily be folded, transported and handled, even very large formats. On the other hand, PVC banners must only be rolled, and this makes the transport of large formats more difficult to transport.