These flags are known by a variety of different names including Waving Flags, Extreme Flags, Shark-Fin Banners, or Teardrop Banners – different companies have different names for these flags, as some have copyrighted the terms.

These flags are suitable for outdoor occasions and are commonly used at sporting events. Depending on the shape, these flags range in sizes from 2m to 6m. All extreme flags come standard with hardware that is split in between 2-3 different sections depending on the size. Indoor base units for these flags are available, but not included in the standard package that includes the rods, carry bag, print, and outdoor spike

These outdoor banner flags are one of the most popular and efficient outdoor display units since they can be folded up and stored easily, are light in weight, and will always grab the viewer’s attention when it’s in the outdoor air. Depending on the size & shape of the display flag, the average size is about 1.5kg 

We are able to print these waving flags single or double-sided, depending on your needs. Single-sided is the most popular option for orders since double-sided display flags are bulky and unpractical – this is due to the fact that we sew two prints, and an inner lining together to prevent the prints displaying over each other. The single sided flags have a 90% strikethrough rate meaning the “other” side looks exactly like the printed side of the extreme flag, just about 10% lighter, and of course, a mirror image. 

We are able to supply you with a replacement print only, meaning you can use your same hardware, for different prints. If you haven’t bought the hardware from us, we require a photo, as well as the length of the constructed poles, to custom create a template to replace the print of your feather banner. Ideally  it is best to bring in the hardware for exact measurements and fitting

Even though these teardrop banners are temporary outdoor or indoor signage, it is frequently seen at filling stations and office parks as a permanent feature. The material used to print these banner display flags is a ultrasheen polyester. The printing process involves printing onto a transfer paper with a sublimation printer, heat transferring the ink onto this Ultrasheen material using high pressure and sewing the banner into the end product. Sublimation is one of the most ink-fast methods there is, you are able to machine wash (on cold) your telescopic flags, without fading the design 

Our minimum order for any shape or size of our banner display flags is 2 units. Our material is 1.2m wide and it is not cost-effective to print one at a time


How do I go about getting a quote for a banner flag?

Please send us an email to receive the pricelist for the different sizes and quantities for the extreme flags

How long does it take to complete an order for a telescopic banner?

Our lead time, after payment and layout approval, should be around 4 – 5 working days, depending on the amount of flags you have ordered and which shape frames we have in stock

How do I supply the artwork to you?

When inquiring about pricing, please ask for the relevant template for printing and supply the artwork back in either vector PDF, Coreldraw files or EPS. If your artwork canont be supplied  on the templates, an additional layout fee will apply