Office Assistants Needed

Office Assistants Needed

Office Assistants Needed

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Office Assistants Needed

Thank you for applying for this position. We would like to urge all applicants to please carefully read through the job description, working conditions and hours, etc. before applying for this position to ensure that no one’s time gets wasted during the recruitment process.

We are looking for office assistants / agents to assist clients with product enquiries, issuing quotations and placing of orders. Although applicants with prior practical experience in similar businesses will be preferred it is not a requirement. We are advertising this position on various platforms because we are looking for a person who is self-motivated with very specific characteristics and personality traits. We do not have a specific target when it comes to gender, race or age. Even recent matriculants are welcome to apply.

If you do not hear back from us within 3 working days from your application you can deem your application as being unsuccessful. Please do not feel too badly about this as we will most probably interview less than 20% of the total applicants.

What does our company do?

We primarily supply advertising media for e.g. Banners, Signage, Pamphlets, Canvas’, Promotional clothing and gifts to enterprises, schools, state institutions etc.

Background of the company

The owner, Hennie Maritz, started and registered the company Print to Advertise in 1993 (That initially only did screen printing). Since then he already had two divisions or parts of the business. Redblock Advertising Media was registered as a company in 2012. Shane Murray, an employee of the company since 2007, became a partner in 2013, and is now more involved in the management of the business. In 2006 we opened a branch in Fourways. The employees consists out of 6 office workers, 6 sign riggers, vinyl applicators and factory workers.

Who are my work colleagues?

The staff are between the ages of 22 and 47 and functions and work very well together. In total 6 staff members in the Pretoria branch (2 owners, who handle the company’s largest clients work, manage and oversee the agents), 1 book keeper, 1 administrator, 2 sales agents who’s responsibility it is to assist clients as well as 1 agent in the Fourways office and 1 in Oudshoorn (who is also on the company payroll and responsible for most of the administration work). Even after 6 years on the payroll not one of us have ever met her in person.

Other than Redblock Advertising Media we also run a Website and social media marketing company called Webez, in a partnership with a third partner, each with a one third share. Our two companies share offices. Webez has two permanent employees and outsources a lot of its work to freelancers.

Work hours

Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. Although you are entitled to an hour lunch break the work situation does not really allow for that. We are however very flexible and if you require an hour or two for personal needs an arrangement can be made.

Work environment

We work out of a house in a residential area, where we have built on and suited the premises for the businesses specific needs. Even though everybody is busy there is a fun atmosphere in the office environment (usually only after 12pm on a Monday :)) with lots of time to make jokes and have a laugh, even a smoke break for those with the bad habit (don’t worry we don’t discriminate).

Your work responsibilities

Agents handle on average the work of about 15 clients at a time. Typically a client will walk in and ask you, for example, to tell them more about our roll up banners. You will be expected to tell them about the 3 different base units and the available sizes and demonstrate how to set it up. If the client wishes to place an order you will have to explain to them the ordering procedure, for e.g. a 50% deposit that needs to be paid, that within two work days samples will be send to them that needs to be signed off before their order will be processed. If the client decides to place an order, you would be required to explain the ordering procedures – wait for proof of payment for the 50% deposit after it has been received, the design will be sent to the graphics department, where-after they will send the design to the client and copy you in the email. After the design has been signed off the hardware and material needs to be ordered, and arrangements made for delivery or collection by our driver at our suppliers. The design must then be set up on the digital printer where the banner will either be printed by yourself or an assistant. Occasionally clients will ask to come in and see when a small section has been printed – if this is the case, the client will need to be contacted once a printed sample is ready. Once the banner has been printed instructions must be given to a factory worker to mount the banner on the roll up base units. This worker must then be monitored. The finished product must be checked for quality, and the client contacted when the order is ready to be collected.

Approximately 30-40% of our work is outsourced. Constant contact between the agent and the company doing the work must be maintained, their printing proofs will be sent to you after which it is your responsibility to forward these to your client for sign-off and then back to the supplier in order to start the production process.


Casual, because we work in a casual businesses environment. Smart casual is your choice.

Work contract

You can download our contract from our website. You will be appointed on a two month temporary contract and during this period either of the parties may give two weeks’ notice.
Thereafter, if both parties agree, you will receive a permanent contract which will require 30 days’ notice, in order to provide us with enough time to appoint a new person in your place.


You will receive a fixed monthly salary and once you become proficient with assisting clients it would become possible to earn commission based on the amount of successful orders you take in. Attached is a pay slip to give you an indication of your gross and net salary. This is based on a gross income of R10 000.00 per month. If you are appointed on a salary higher than this, you can naturally expect to pay more Tax and UIF. Salaries are paid monthly via EFT on the last day of the month.


Do you favour certain age groups and genders?
No, until recently we did, but we changed our viewpoint on this. We see young school leavers and candidates in their early 20’s as being more technologically advanced and more in touch with modern technology, but we also place lots of value on experience, irrespective of gender.

The ideal candidate should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Bi-lingual in English and Afrikaans: You should be able to assist our Afrikaans clients (which make up 50% of our client base) in Afrikaans.
  • Should have your own Transport:
    Very seldom, but possibly, you will be required to deliver orders, especially those which are late as a result of a mistake you made. Out of prior experience we have come to a conclusion that employees who rely on either public transport or lifts from family / friends can often not arrive on time or at all. This unreliability is unacceptable in our line of work.
  • Must be able to work under pressure:
    You need to be able to deal with difficult clients or clients with good reason to be upset (unfortunately from time to time things do go wrong no matter how well you do your job). You would also need to be able to negotiate some strict deadlines on rush orders that you might take in. this involves fighting for printer time etc.
  • Personal Health:
    Your personal health should not impact your ability to perform the work and be a restraint to the company.
  • You should be well organised and not be forgetful:
    Matric qualification is a must. Tertiary qualification is not necessity but would count in your favour.
    You should be computer literate
  • A passion for graphic design and knowledge of basic design software will be a great advantage. We make use of CorelDraw for design and exporting artwork.
  • Professional appearance is a must – we must be proud to introduce you to our clients.
  • You should preferably live close to the office: We have found that staff who live more than 15km away spend up to one hour per day in traffic. This usually leads to them resigning within 6 months.
  • You should not have a reputation of job hopping: If you are over 25 years old and have had more than three jobs in the last 5 years that you have resigned from for any reason other than liquidation we will think twice before hiring you. This is because we spend a lot of time training new employees and this training process costs our company a lot of money – sometimes even results in angry client who might not return. So we want to ensure that we hire people who have a reputation of staying loyal to a company.

About the company:

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