Vinyl Printing Pretoria

Vinyl Printing Pretoria

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When it comes to Vinyl printing there are endless options,we explain some of the most common ones here & why you should or shouldn’t use them for your specific needs.

Monomeric Vinyl
This can often be the most popular vinyl printing, due to price and the fact that it is ideal for flat surfaces, serving the purpose for a large portion of signage requirements. Monomeric vinyls are calendered vinyls. Its short to medium life span (European standards: 2, 3 and 3 – 5 year durability) also fits the needs of most customers. It is usually 75 – 85 microns thick.

The downsides to monomeric vinyl is that it can shrink slightly over its lifetime and if used on channels and recesses it will pop out because of its strong memory.

Why choose monomeric?

  • Ideal for standard, flat applications.
  • Can be lower in price.
  • Short to medium life span (can suit most customers’ needs).

Why decide against monomeric?

  • Not suitable for uneven surfaces.
  • Can suffer slight shrinkage.

Polymeric Vinyl
Polymeric vinyl printing is ideal for flat and slightly curved surfaces and offer 5 – 7 years and 8 years + durability. (European standards)

Polymeric vinyls are calendered vinyls. As well as its longer life, another reason for its higher price is that this vinyl won’t shrink over its lifetime and has the added bonus of being usable on slightly curved surfaces. It is usually 70 – 75 microns thick.

Why choose polymeric?

  • Longer life span.
  • No shrinkage.
  • Ideal for flat and slightly curved applications.

Why decide against polymeric?

  • Can be pricey compared to monomeric.

Cast Vinyl
This is the highest quality, premium type of vinyl.

They are normally 8 – 10 year films  (European standards)and are 50 – 60 microns thick. Cast vinyl is soft, thin and flexible, which makes it ideal for vehicle livery on cars, vans, motorcycles, planes, etc.

No matter how deep the recess you apply it to, you’ll have no problem with it popping out at all. Unlike calendered films, cast vinyl will not shrink or pull back to its original form when exposed to heat (such as a heat gun).

Why choose cast?

  • Even longer life span.
  • Won’t pop out of even the most severe recesses.
  • Soft, flexible and thin.

Why decide against cast?

  • No reason – if high conformity is what you need, it’s just a case of shopping around for the best price.

Delivery in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, Fourways, Randburg and surrounding areas for R120 excluding vat.

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